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12/08/2010 11:18:25
Re: data privacy

Is there any such thing as data privacy here in Malaysia? Can someone just ring up a company to ask for some confirmation of details of a particular person without the prior permission of that particular person? If the company responded to the requestor, what is the recourse for that particular person affected?
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KL Siew
12/08/2010 13:46:44
If it is just "someone", you are surely not obliged to give any info about the company. If the affected has suffered damages as a result of the disclosure, I suppose he can consult a lawyer whether he can sue.
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12/08/2010 16:21:19
Thanks for the prompt response.
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04/07/2011 16:56:20
Hr usually receive calls from Financial institute to confirm on the staff who had taken out a loan with them. How would HR knows whether the staff has approved the financial institute to check on him?
If the staff suffered any loss due to this confirmation, he should take actions against the financial institute not his hr. Right?
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