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12/08/2010 08:57:01
Re: Medical Leave

I had a new staff which just started to work for 3 months only. But during 2rd month, he is taken 10 days of medical leave which had provided medical practitioner certificate. But after he came back on 4rd month, he is tender his resignation letter with his personal reason.

So, did Company need ask from his medical leave to claim back? Due to employee is entitled 14 days of medical leave per year. But he is no help our Company work for 1 year yet.

If the Company have the right to claim back, how to do the claim?

Thank you.
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KL Siew
12/08/2010 09:41:42
No, you cannot claim back. Sick leave entitlement is based on calendar year and not on months of completed service.
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12/08/2010 09:54:36
Noted with thanks :)
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Yvonne Chan
08/07/2015 10:04:18
A new staff who is working only for one month can claim for medical bill ?
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