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11/08/2010 21:37:37
Re: Resignation (Urgent)


I have submitted my resignation letter to my manager. As required by the terms of employment contract, i'm serving 3 months notices. The new employer has proposed to buy me off for 2 months but my current employer refuse to accept the compensation and insist that i have to complete the 3 months notice with the reason that they are unable to get the replacement on time.

I have been discussing with my current employer if there's any room for discussion for the early release but they refuse to do so.

If i insist to leave after serving for 1 month and compensate 2 months to the company, will this be violating the labor law?

I stil have 14 days of annual leave, will company pay back the money for the annual leave left?

Thank you.

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KL Siew
12/08/2010 09:39:17
If you have to go, you go. Give them a cheque and go. For the annual leave, apply to take the leave.
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12/08/2010 22:29:06
Thanks for the advise..
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17/08/2010 22:15:27
Re: Resignation & early left


A staff who worked 6 years and had 16 days annual leave resigned on 15/06/10, last day should be on 15/08/10. but she cleared leave 15 days and left on 31/07/10.
So, company will pay back 1 more day annual leave to her. Then how about the salary 01/08/10 to 15/08/10? Should company need to pay the half month of Aug'10 salary to her due to she early lefy on 31/07/10.
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25/08/2010 10:55:48

Referring to the WC's message, i have encounter the same problem as well. However, i'm wondering whether the company will take any action against the employee and will be the employee protact under the Malaysia Labour Law?

Thank You.
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