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10/08/2010 18:26:37
Re: Termination

If a staff to apply for leave without pay for one and a half months and the company did not give approval for leave without pay, in which managers give permission to leave for two days and after two days the staff did not show up to work today. This staff is working under contract for six months and the contract will expire at the end of this month. Can the company terminated of services of the staff are not absent from work without permission or contracts expire at the end of this month?

Kindly Advise Sir,
Thank You
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KL Siew
11/08/2010 12:02:27
If you don't need his service anymore, just don't renew his contract after its expiry.
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sivakumar ratnam
18/08/2010 15:55:51
can a staff dismiss without domestic inquiry .
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