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jane grace
07/08/2010 20:03:00
Re: Resignation

Dear Sir,
I have a friend who has worked for a kindergarten for 3 years, recently she's got a letter of offer to work somewhere else. She accepted the offer and had sent in her resignation letter with 2 months notice. She later received a letter from her new employment asking her to start working immediately which means she will have to leave before she completed her 2 months notice. With that she was asked to pay back 2 months indemnity to the kindergarten. will any action be taken upon her if she refuses to pay the 2 months indemnity?
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KL Siew
07/08/2010 20:30:40
Yes, she will have to pay the indemnity. Her employer can go to the Labour Office to make a claim for it if she does not pay.
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