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05/08/2010 16:07:09
Re: payment of wedges for 24hrs resignation

dear ms siew....

i have resigned from my company after servicing for 3 years. this is because i couldn't stand with the management .

i gave 24hours resignation on 23rd July. i they asked to paid 1 month salary as 'payment in lieu' upon resignation. HR told that i still entitled for that month wedges.

but until now, i haven't received my salary.

btw...upon 24 hour resignation, should employee paid the payment in lieu on same day?
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KL Siew
05/08/2010 16:31:59
They are not going to pay you your July salary as you still have to pay them a month salary as indemnity because you have resigned with 24 hours notice. In your case, you can tell to take your July salary as indemnity plus another 8 days' salary from your pocket. if you are willing to do that.
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05/08/2010 17:03:25
tq...for the reply....

sorry if there's misunderstanding...

i already paid the 1 month salary on day of resignation.

suppose HR told that the salary will be given up until my last working day. 5th of aug....i didn't get my salary

kindly advice
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KL Siew
05/08/2010 17:19:42
Give them some reminders. If nothing happens, you may have to make a complaint at the Labour Officel
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05/08/2010 17:27:09
thanx a lot
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