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04/08/2010 17:15:36
Re: Resignation

Dear Sir/ Madam,

1) As to made reputation good of me, my resignation is i been told verbally by superior to give resignation due to the performance not up to their so call "requirement", if not the superior will give me 3 month notice to leave the company. Can i have leave immediate after i tendered or i still need to wait for 3 month?

2) If the superior also tendered to resign 2 week before my resignation without informing that he is resigning. And, he told me to resign from the company after one week of his resignation, is this again labor law? Can the statement of him consider legal to presenting company?

3) This is regarding my resignation, i tendered my resignation letter at 21/07/2010 for 3 month notice and HR had reply my last day on 21/10/2010. But i been told by superior i can leave at 13/10/2010 without HR notification e-mail, can this date is consider legal?

4) If a staff not going to work for 48 Hour without notification to company or without any acceptable reason, and base of 3 month notice period he already work 1 month. How much that he need to pay?

Thank you.


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KL Siew
04/08/2010 20:13:34
Contact your HR first about what your superior said. If they want you to leave earlier, they should pay you up to the last day of your 3 months notice.
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