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02/08/2010 21:07:51
Re: Medical leave

Hi there,im working with a company under probatition period for 3 months.The company has a rule of deducting RM100 for each mc given by an employee.If a written mc is not provided ,the company deducts RM300 from the salary.The basic salary is Rm900 and other allowances are RM500.The deductions are made from the allowances salary while the basic remains the same.My question is,how is it fair to the employee that even a written mc is given to the employer and there s stil a deduction of RM100.Without mc deduction of RM300.Is it against the labour law?

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KL Siew
02/08/2010 22:22:20
Some employers do use this method as a form of incentive to encourage employees to achieve 100% attendance and to discourage them from absenting themselves from work for any reason. So, if the allowance of RM500 is given for this purpose and the employees knew about it, then I think one can avoid the penalty by trying not to absent from work. Play by the rules.
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