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02/08/2010 14:16:02
Re: Malaysia Day

Last year, the prime minister announced that 16th September as a national holiday.

I would like to find enquire about the above holiday:
1. Is Malaysia Day a MANDATORY public holiday just like Agong's birth day, Labour day, 31st August National day and State Ruler's birthday??

2. If yes, is there any black and white on the labour laws mentioned about it?

3. If no, can the company not to observe 16th September as theier holiday?

Thank you for your prompt reply in advance.
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KL Siew
02/08/2010 14:46:14
This day has not yet officially become law under the Employment Act . Until and unless it has become law, the employer can choose to follow or not to follow. You better consult the Labour Department about hat.
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03/08/2010 17:07:31
Dear KL Siew,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Will do as advised.
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07/09/2010 11:54:19
Is Malaysia Day (16/9/10) a compulsory holiday?
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