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30/07/2010 10:14:44
Re: maternity leave (6th surviving yet 4th in service)

Sir, my questions:
1) understood from the Emp act that employer will cover only up to 5 surviving child. I am due for my 6th, although this is going to be only the 4th during service (2 was born before I started working), I will not be entitiled for maternity leave, correct?

==> a) what are the alternatives that I have? the government hospital normally issue 60days MC upon delivery, can I use the hospitalization/ MC leave for that matter?

==> b) per my company policy, any employee who has taken unpaid leave, will not be entitled to performance incentive (company bonus). Will there be any exclusion for my case?

2. At the same time, I received a yet unofficial offer from an MNC company. They claim that their co practice 3 in service maternity leave (excluding existing child). Is there such freedom for the company to choose ?
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KL Siew
30/07/2010 11:15:59
As far as the EA is concerned, you are not eligible for maternity allowance anymore. You will be on maternity leave without pay. Hospialisation is not applicable here. I don't know how your company is going to decide on no pay leave and maternity leave as factors affecting incentive bonus.
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