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30/07/2010 00:02:09
Re: How to calculate Public Holiday for salary rm2000

I understand that if salary above rm1500 it is not under the employment act. My staff claims that I have calculated her wages wrongly for 1 PH that she has worked.. Below are my calculations

Basic rm2000. 2000/26=$ 76.92

She is asking that I should pay her rm76.92 *2=153.84
Which one is really correct?

Thank you
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KL Siew
30/07/2010 08:59:36
I think it is only fair to pay the rate like what you pay to workers who come under the Employment Act or else don't ask her to work on PH.
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05/02/2012 00:18:08
she's right. how to calculate salary on PH is clearly stated in the employment act. google mplyment Act 1955
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