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29/07/2010 16:10:55
Re: staff on probation


1) staff on probation with termination notice period of 1 week, can the employer terminate them directly by paying the indemnity of 1 week to the staff?

2) can the staff on probation be terminated due to no communication with others staff, whereas no other misconduct, just a simple working errors?

3) under what circumstances that the staff under probation (with no major misconduct) can be terminated without gaining any implication from the labour court or affected by any labour act?

kindly consult.
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KL Siew
29/07/2010 21:41:06
You must have good reasons to terminate the service of a staff whether on probation or not. Be guided by Section 14 of the EA
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30/07/2010 22:28:06
hi sir, that does not answer my query.
Kindly assist. thank you
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KL Siew
02/08/2010 14:56:19
Yes, you can if you think that "no communication with other staff" is a good reason for doing it. But there is no guarantee the authorities will agree with you.
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