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28/07/2010 15:18:03
Re: Encash of Maternity Leave

I just wonder if we encash the maternity allowance for staff, is it based on salary only, not include the fix transportation allowance that company provide or we need to calculate for her, salary with the allowance?

Please advice
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KL Siew
28/07/2010 19:07:09
If you want to cut it so fine, your question is quite relevant because according to the definition of "wages" in Section 2 of the EA, it does not include fix transport allowance. Why not you get an official opinion from the Labour Department also?
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29/07/2010 17:45:24
My company is declared to exiting our business by end of Dec 2010.
My last day work is end of Dec 2010 as well and will get package call redundancy.
I'm pregnate now and my delivery expected to fall on Feb 2011.
Am I eligible for maternity allowance (salary for 60 days)?
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