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Shala Athiam
28/07/2010 12:14:53
Re: Unprofessional employers


I am now working in one of the public listed comapany. I came here for a Voice position supporting dedicated client. Before i joined the comany..about 1 week I rcvd an email from the manager saying there will be a delay in the project but they will get us to help some other team while waiting for the project. I joined the new comp on 14th January...since then i was helping another team with their work load. Then on 1 July they wanted me to join another team which is doing voice but not as what they promised when they interviewed me. I was doing 2nd level job and i was employed in 2nd level job title. But now they push me to 1st level job and not giving me an option. I did request to saty in the team that i was helping them out but they dont intend to keep me due to some political issue which is very clearly seen. I am so frustrated and annoid with the practice that they having. Another 3 friend of mine having the same issue. They put them into some other team which is not related to their interest at all..and not bothering them at all. We are so unhappy wt what going thru now. Is there any possibility we can sue the company or any action can be taken..or anything....but action must be taken. This is going on and on.....whe one new guy who joined wt very high hope ..face the same problem too....he was complaining to us abt it as well......pls help!

We are all commited wt family so we cant just throw the job and move on....some of my friends told me that we can tender..and the company has to pay us salary till we find a new job. Is that true?

Pls advice
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KL Siew
28/07/2010 14:30:09
I don't think there is much you can do about it. Just carry on and start looking for a new job.
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