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Evan Lai
27/01/2010 17:19:21
Re: company not willing to pay

i was working in a sales company for a year plus... and one fine day my manager told me i got 3warning letters n company wants me to resign immediately... i was pretty shocked for that reason they gave... i was pretty dissapointed with my manager so i said ok... i asked him if i as going to get paid normally and he said yes... it's only a few days from payday and i was afraid that it'll affect my pay for i heard from some ex colleagues who left the company never got paid...
on the start of next month which it was already late to get my pay, i contacted the manager... and they said my pay was banked in to me... after checking i realise the pay was far from normal... i met up with the manager and after speaking to him i knew he didnt intend to pay me... the company owes me around 10k but all i got was 300plus... the company has held back all my commission giving excuses after excuses... one of the reasons was commission is held back in case of customers complains but they deducted part of e SALARY the gave me for a customer's complain case which they never informed me about... and another reason they gave was i need reccommendation from my direct supperior to get my pay...
i really want to know is there anyway i can get my pay back or sue the company or something? because i heard from some friends that the company is going against the law by doing things like this.,..
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KL Siew
27/01/2010 17:34:47
It looks like your case is going to be a complicated one. First of all, you should have resigned when they told you to do so. They may now turn around to say you resign without giving notice. Second, it is the 10K you said the company owed you. Do you have proof? I think you better go and consult the Labour Department or consult a lawyer see anything can be done to get back your money.
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