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28/07/2010 11:59:16
Re: Unpaid Leave

In this scenario:-

If the employee was taking unpaid leave from 01/06/2010 till 10/06/2010 and 23/06/2010 till 30/06/2010.
Means, he worked from 11/06/2010 till 22/06/2010.

Currently our company payroll computation is based on calender days.

How to calculate his basic salary?
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KL Siew
28/07/2010 14:23:33
Pay him (salary/30) x 12 days
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29/07/2010 09:05:49
Noted with thanks
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30/08/2010 16:24:33
If the staff of the company took two days unpaid leave in a month, how do i work out the deduction for the amount to be deducted..... ( salary / 22 x2 days OR salary / 26 x 2 days OR salary / 30 or 31 x 2 days depending on the numbers of days in that particular month ). The job is a 5 days work per week.
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03/09/2010 10:24:36
Still the same working apply as above.
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