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27/07/2010 01:53:35
Re: Unfair Employment Contract

Hi Mr Siew, I've worked with this company for more than 10 years. I'm planning to resign now and join a competitor company. But I've signed a employment contract 8 years ago that one of the clause says

"The XXX position covenants with the Company that he will not for a period of 1 year after ceasing to be employed under this Agreement be in connection with the carrying on of any business similar to or in competition with the business of XXXX to the existing clients of the Company on his own behalf of on behalf of any person firm or company directly or indirectly."

Can the company sue me for anything at all with this?
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KL Siew
27/07/2010 17:02:25
Why no bring the contract and show it to a lawyer for his opinion.
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