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21/07/2010 10:58:23
Re: 2 Years bond

Hi sir / madam,
I first join my present company on June09, when i sign the employment letter, there is a condition that i must work at this company for 2 years as they will provide training to me. if i resign within 2 years, i must pay RM 5K. without any query, i signed the employment letter.
but for the past one year, i didn't get any proper training which really add value to my career. my company only provide "on job training"... now i get a better offer and wanna resign, but i wonder whether i really need to pay for the RM 5K as per mentioned in my employment letter.
My manager said that if i didn't pay that, they will issue legal letter to me, my question is, is they really has the right to do that? is the conditions fair to employee?
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KL Siew
21/07/2010 19:03:20
I don't what sort of bond you have entered into. Consult a lawyer or Legal Aid Bureau with a copy of the bond.
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26/07/2010 14:08:13
Ok, thanks for the advise
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