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21/07/2010 09:57:39
Re: Resignation & Confirmation

my friend began to work at his company since Jul 2009 and his probation period has been extened to another six month on Jan 2010. He had tendered his resignation letter on 09/7/2010 and notice one month. But his superior informed him that he had been confirmed since 25/6/2010 and therefore need to give 3 months notice.
He didn't received confirmation in writing but he did aware of his confirmation verbally before he resign, so, is it he needs to give 3 months notice?
p/s : His salary more than 2.5K.
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KL Siew
21/07/2010 18:48:45
If he was told verbally that he was confirmed and was also told that notice for resignation should be 3 months afterconfirmation, then it is 3 months notice.
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26/07/2010 14:07:21
thanks for your feed back, my fren only been informed that he will receive confirmation letter, and this msg comes from third part, not from HR / his superior directly. also no body told him that his resignation notice should be 3 months (but this matter did mentioned in his appointment letter)...
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