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20/07/2010 15:04:40
Re: Resignation without notice

Hi KL,
One of Our employee's working with company 2 years and 5 months, he basic salary RM1700.00 plus RM300.00 Allowance per month. On month April 2010 he decided to resign his service and gave us the notice of resignation start effective from 16 May 2010 (2 weeks) . My boss offer & increase his wages to RM2300.00 per month to continous his service start on June 2010. He accepted the good offer from management. So problem coming, he working until 10 July 2010, and just called to company mentioned that he want to resign immediately without any letter of resignation & notification.

1) Can we request back the money for increment of RM600.00 for month June 2010 cause he broke the promised to continous for his job ?

2) Under labour law, working for 2 years more but less than 5 years, the employee should notice to employer at least 6 weeks of termination right ? So, can we take action to request for 6 weeks of wages ?

3) If he does not agree to pay back the wages, so can we make complaint to labour law office ?

Thanks Urgent !
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KL Siew
21/07/2010 07:56:06
You can make a complaint at the Labour Office and claim indemnity against him.
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