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16/07/2010 15:35:22
Re: Termination (part-time)

Dear Sir,
I was working as an account assistant in a company part time basis . There is no contract between me and my employer. The terms are, 3 days work in a week, rm120/day, and salary is paid weekly.
However, one day my boss called up and told me need not to come back to office without any notice.
My questions are :-
1. My boss still owe me 2 days salary, which is RM240. I have call up so many times, but he refuse to pay me by stated that i didn't do my job up to his expectation. Is there anyway i can claim my salary.
2. I have bought some stationary for office used (even my boss know that i have bought the things). However they can't find my invoice (which left on my table) for me to claim. Can i still claim it?

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KL Siew
16/07/2010 16:06:58
My advice is you can make a claim for whatever they owe you at the Labour Office. Let them decide.
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