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14/07/2010 15:55:34
Re: sick leave for more than 3weeks

One of our staff contribute to company 1year plus, consider to permanent worker, he's was taken more than 3weeks of sick leave, the reason for absent is eye problems and visual disturbances. Medical leave certificated has been issue by doctor.

1) During for this 3weeks sick leave, should we pay for wages ? Our company entitlement for Medical leave 14days per year, but now the employee already been taken 7days are not included for this 3weeks.

2) Let's say if the employee continous to absent being this illness problem, should we pay for wages ? if yes, employer have to bear how long for this cases ?

Thanks, hope to reply soon..
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KL Siew
14/07/2010 15:58:25
He is only entitled to a total of 14 days with pay. The rest will be no pay.
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14/07/2010 16:47:47
Thx for reply, he not entitled for hospitalisation leave for 60days ?
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KL Siew
14/07/2010 17:26:51
Of course, if he is hospitalised (admitted to hospital), entitled to 60-14 days.
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20/07/2010 09:03:13
hello...i also confuse with this topic...may i know wat if this employee admitted to hospital for first week, after that he take another 2 weeks sick leave at home. can he entitle for hospitalisation leave for total 3 weeks??
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