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Upset HR policy
14/07/2010 10:18:28
Re: Two Warning letters received / Bonus - Total 3 issues (Urgent help)

Just join the new Company abt 6 days. Two warning letters was received as just get mgr position

HR without check in details and straight issue the 2 warning letters to me.
1. Lateness issue -i ready see doctor in afternoon and HR doesn't say prior to approval fr Superior in orietation. Now they court me lateness
2. Show case - No guidelines given from superior and HR said i enter the breach of general rules of employment as i just infrant (new learner). No mentor. Whatever my words just a joke and no intend to hurt anyone . Example : HR point out - i said someone wear as office boy, used word tor torture n mad. some say it is just joke within department but some think is serious issues.

I feel like no respect and trust as just join or insult. No proper guidline by HR. SO what shall i do. File the compaint industrial court as i think it affect my following prospect co. please adto vise asap ... Many TQs.

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KL Siew
14/07/2010 11:18:13
It looks like a very bad start. I think this company is not the place for you. Try to get out as soon as possible.
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