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25/01/2010 00:09:45
Re: Public Holiday??

Hi Siew,
Just want to know about public holiday at workplace?
Can it be change accordingly and in one week must have 1 days leave?
I hope you understand my question....
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KL Siew
25/01/2010 09:17:57
Actually I don't quite understand. You can give an example to make it clearer.
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25/01/2010 17:23:34
I have 1 day holiday on Sunday but when I have to travel outside my state, my company did not give double pay when I work on Sunday...
But they make a replacement holiday..
Even this replacement holiday, cannot be taken easily..
If my company pay double for my work, I don't mind... instead they replacement with I day off
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25/01/2010 17:36:16
The Employment Act say employers must provide one rest day per week and "week" is defined as a continuous period of 7 days. Your employer seems to be wrong there. Consult the Labour Department also about your problem.
I quote from your answer...
This is my problem.... My company do not give one rest day perweek and have to work 7 days especially when travel outside...
They also dont pay double.. That why i so angry about that.....
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KL Siew
25/01/2010 19:48:14
By law your employer should pay for working on rest day (one day extra pay not double). If you don't mind he gives you a day's replacement, it is OK. If he does not pay or give replacement, you have no choice but the complain to the Labour Department.
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