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13/07/2010 15:02:07
Re: Annual leave on Saturday

Hello! I'm confuse. My company working days is 5.5 days. If I applied Saturday annual leave, they deduct 1 day annual leave. Is it correct? Saturday working day is only half day, why the company deducted full 1 day from my annual leave? They said because the company pay full day salary.
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KL Siew
13/07/2010 17:51:57
It is one day unless the company accepts half day leave. Some companies do accept. It's up to the company.
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Harimau Kayu
03/05/2011 18:01:32
A company who works 5 days a week. Should the employee be allowed to claim leave in if he or she is required to report to work on Saturday or Sunday? After clarification, administration are allowed to claim, but the sales staff are not entitle for this benefit. May I know, If a company can practice this type of discrimination?
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