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23/01/2010 11:29:43
Re: compensation

for my case:

at the appointment letter, i need to serve a 1weeks notice or pay in lieu upon termination because i have better offer.

As per boss, he told me that he willing pay me the 1week notice if i didnt serve the notice or didnt turn up. Is it Ok, if i accept it or silent about it?

Is it later will i against the laws?
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23/01/2010 11:32:44
err.. he also ask me to write is i want to give short notice, then payment of salary & AL i taken & carry forward. After that, He say he only will willing pay on the last day i serve if he got that letter.

i feel very weird of it..

please advice
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KL Siew
23/01/2010 12:47:22
If you want to resign, you just give the necessary notice. Don't have to listen to he told you and don't believe him. You must turn up for work during the notice period.
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23/01/2010 12:50:19
oh, ok... because i feel weird when he counter offer "pay me the notice although i didnt turn up or give as per agreed period notice upon termination"

thanks =))
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