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Ms Lee
09/07/2010 09:35:59
Re: Ridiculous Penalty

My company has many ridiculous law. One of it is the monthly penalty and reward scheme. Our attendance is recorded daily. Every month late comers will be penalised. The penalty schedule is pretty complex whereby latecomers will be fined from RM3/time to RM7/time or deduct half day leave. And above that we have to pay RM5 to RM10 for being late more than x times and the penalty wil also be doubled.

Our company also loves to penalised people for late applying leave and MC.

The company also regualrly updates the employemnt handbook without letting us know the latest amendment.
For instance, our annual leave by year of work is reduced by two days, but we are not informed.

The problem is, the machines sometime has error capturing our attendance record and also has error while applying the leave and MC.

And we couldn't do anything to prove our innocence - just because the machine/system does not capture our record we are victimised.

My question here is, does the comapny has the rights to do the above?
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KL Siew
09/07/2010 14:26:05
It looks like your company is trying desperately to put some discipline on the workers. In the first place, workers are not supposed to come late. Those penalties will only affect those who have the habit of coming to work late. The punctual ones will not be affected at all. Anyway, if the workers think things are not right, they can always complain to the Labour Department and they may investigate into the matter.
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