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08/07/2010 16:38:28
Re: workers on contract basis after retirement age


I have a security guard been working for quite long time and has been continued his service base on contract basis every year.

This year he wants to renew contract for another 6 months only instead of 1 year. However, shall request for extension again if still healthy. Can we renew for 6 month basis only ?

If that's the case, what about his annual leave ? Must deduct 1/2 of annual leave ?

We are continuing paying his EPF & Socso. Furthermore, sick leave and hospitalization is till stipulated under the Employment Act. Is it a must to do that ?

Termination period - 14 days.

Please advise. Thanks.
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KL Siew
08/07/2010 17:21:37
If that is the intention then have all the terms and conditions clearly stated in the contract. As for sick leave and hospitalisation, this items goes according to calendar year and as such he is still entitled to full benefit under the EA even the contract is only for 6 months.
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