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22/01/2010 21:24:40
Re: Question 1 and 2

I am a sabahan, i work as a agent in a TA company. Before i joined the company, my boss did tell me that i have to work sometimes during offday and PH without pay, and my appointment letter did mention that i cannot have sick leave or any emergency leave before i complete my 1st year service to him. I did not sign any confirmation letter yet. Recently he asked me to go for this training in KL, he told us he doesn't want to take the risk to pay the air ticket fees for training before my first year full service,so he asked me to pay myself and be refunded after 1 year of full service. He rejected my request of not to take the training, so my question now is do i have the right to reject my boss? second question is my appointment letter did mention that i have to give one month notice in order to resign upon confirmation. Since i have not sign any confirmation letter yet, do my boss has the right to say that i must hand 1 month notice before i quit? Last and not least, he involved quite a little bit in politic in Sabah here. So i am afraid he will sue me up and down later as you know la politic very dark one and i am only a rakyat biasa...i want to go jual pisang goreng now better....Hope to hear from you soon.
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KL Siew
23/01/2010 09:30:35
What your boss is doing is obviously wrong. You may reject what you think is not right especially asking you to pay your airfare first to go for training. As for notice for resignation, you will have to give a month's notice even though you did not sign any contract of service. If you don't give notice he ccan claim a month's salary from you. Yes, gual pisang gorent is not a bad idea, you are your own boss at least.
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Ai Ya
26/01/2010 08:13:36
I know that he can claim a month salary from me...but all staffs here they quit one day after they received theres salary. I am afraid he will deduct my salary for the air ticket before i manage hand in my notice. Then will jalak lo
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KL Siew
26/01/2010 09:56:23
If he deducts air fare, you complain to the Labour Department.
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26/01/2010 13:23:55
ok, thx for your help!
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