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07/07/2010 19:54:32
Re: need help

is there any law saying that wokers cant mc before or after off day?? even with real medical leave??

and can the company deduct 3 days salary because of 1 mc for that?? even if i already give them the mc??
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KL Siew
07/07/2010 20:09:16
There is no law to say that. I don't think the company can deduct 3 days salary for that.
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09/07/2010 14:30:03
I want to find out about the personel details of staff information belows is that under regulation of labour laws;
1> photo, profile, working experience, certification&family.
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KL Siew
09/07/2010 14:48:19
The Employment Regulations requires only the following personal info. As for other items like photos, certificates etc may be sensitive to some serving staff. For the future, you can do that by requiring candidates to submit their job application together with copies of those items when they come for interview.

5. Register.

The Register kept by every employer under section 61 of the Act shall contain the following groups of particulars regarding each employee—

(a) Personal details;

(1) Name;

(2) Sex;

(3) Age (date of birth);

(4) National Registration Identification Card No.;

(5) Employment permit or Immigration Work Pass No. (if applicable) and date of expiry;

(6) Permanent home address;

(7) Occupation or appointment;

(8) Date of commencing employment;

(9) Date of leaving employment;
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10/07/2010 00:12:31
so what should i do?? can i refer this matter to labour law??
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