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07/07/2010 11:31:59
Re: Maternity allowances

Hi, I have reading some of the questions and answers in the forum. I would like to further clarify about the maternity allowance by giving my situation.

I have been working for the company for 2 years and salary is above 5K, and i am now 25 weeks pregnant and the EDD is end of Oct this year, i am planning to stay at home for a while right after my maternity.

I have to servce 1 month notice in order to terminate my employment contract, therefore i am planning to tender my resignation at 01 of Oct'10 which mean to say my last day of work would be end of Oct'10 and it will be the start of my confinement. And by doing this way, i do not have to come back to work after my 2 months maternity leave.

my question is am i still entitle for the Maternity allowance, as i am aware that i am fulfilling the 90 days being employed by the company, and also being employed 4 months before the confinement period.

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KL Siew
07/07/2010 12:11:25
Since you are not covered by the Employment Act, I suggest you discuss with your employer first whether it is OK to serve resignation notice to coincide with your maternity leave and not losing your maternity allowance. Some employers would not pay maternity allowance when the employee uses maternity leave as resignation notice.
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