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07/07/2010 10:56:43
Re: Minimum wage

Is there a minimum wage that an employee must give to his/her employers? I am a part timer and i am currently working for only RM3.50 per hour. I heard from others that the minimum payment per hour should be RM4.00. Is it true?

Anyway, I do have commission for the things i sold though but the commision is seriously underpaid.
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KL Siew
07/07/2010 12:01:35
There is no minimum law for RM4 hourly rate. A better way out if for you to look for a better paid job if you cannot get this employer to pay you a higher rate.
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10/07/2010 02:28:12
i see. So i have been wrong about it i guess. Thanks for the reply and your advice :)
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