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05/07/2010 16:10:26
Re: Claims and Punishment for staffs

Dear Miss,

I am working for a SME. Recently, we had a product to be rejected during the manufacturing process. Since the rejection is also involved my staff, my GM asked me to come out with a plan to punish my staff. She said it does not have to be in the form of money. When I asked her what other forms, she told me that PINCHING and HITTING can be done....I was shocked. Is it allowable? Are there any law which can protect my staff? What are the punishment a boss can provide to the staff?

Secondly, normally our GM will pay back our claims within 1 month, for some reason she does not want to sigh our cheques and it has been 2 months. How along can an employer keep our claims without paying us back?

Thank you very much.

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KL Siew
05/07/2010 19:47:32
You boss may be pulling your leg, don't take it literally and don't do it as suggested. Give closer supervision and you may reprimand them for their mistakes or give warnings and so on. Delaying claims may be her way of punishing all of you.
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