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05/07/2010 12:32:53
Re: Maternity Benefits for Contract Workers

Dear Siew,

I have a question regarding maternity benefits for contract worker. My contract is ending this 9th July and my EDD is on 31st July. My employer still need me to work for them, so they offer to extend my contract for just one week until 16th July in order for them to save on my 2 months maternity leave. After that. they want me to go for 2 months unpaid leave and rejoin again. What can I do about this?

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KL Siew
05/07/2010 14:51:47
If you are not covered by the Employment Act (meaning your salary is over RM1500), you may have problem getting your maternity benefit if your company chooses not to give you two month maternity leave with pay. So, when you rejoin the company on a new contract again, you better have all the benefits such as maternity, annual leave, sick leave etc etc properly negotiated and have them stated in the contract.
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05/07/2010 15:46:46
Thanks Siew. Actually in my current contract it is stated that I'm entitled for the maternity leave, just that it happens to end before the expected due date. So in a way, it's an excuse for them not to renew my contract.

Just wondering, if during the one week extension I deliver my baby, do they need to compensate me on the 2 months leave or just pay for the remaining days?

Thanks again!
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KL Siew
05/07/2010 19:12:04
Since the term of maternity benefit is stated in your contract, then I would suggest you approach the Labour Department see whether they can help you out.
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