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22/01/2010 14:59:49
Re: Force to write a resignation letter

Dear Siew, my case:

I have tender my resignation letter to my current boss, and the letter have already written i from this effective date XXX resign from your company and a 2 week notice will give as agreed letter of offer.

But due to, i have another offer from other company and need me to immediate join next tuesday.

My boss just now force me to write a more detail letter according to what he say now, and need to sign & prepared by ME..

ie: I, xxxx, give short notice from effective date of resignation to 25/1/2010.
and calculation of salary. RMxxxx - deduct (days of unpaid leave & force leave)
etc etc..

is it my boss have a right to force me to write the letter, somemore is regards the salary. I told him, should be the HR department write for me regards the calculation of salary.

But the arguement from him is "This is his company, he the boss, and he has the right to ask me to write. Also threathen me, if i didnt come on the following days (because i need to serve until coming saturday). He will call police and arrest me...

Please advice.

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22/01/2010 15:05:57
So far, i know is i need to serve him 2 weeks from 18/1/2010.. until 31/1/2010.

If i not work from 26/1/2010, i need to compensate my Boss from the period 26/1/2010 until 31/1/2010?

the calculation for the salary mth Jan 2010 shld be:
my mth salary= RMXXX - (26/1/2010-31/1/2010) - (any unpaid leave) = xxx
is it so?

thank you
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22/01/2010 15:07:12
my current salary is RM2,800/- ...
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KL Siew
22/01/2010 15:49:51
If you have to join the new company immediately, you just go and let him claim two weeks' salary from you. The police will not arrest you for that.
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22/01/2010 15:56:21
Thank you for the reply, because, he trying his best to force, threathen me. So, i was afraid, when he say he call police to arrest me if i didnt turn up.

But, for my current boss, he possible lodge a report on labour department if i dont want to write the letter as per he told me do so nor refuse pay me the balances?
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KL Siew
22/01/2010 19:31:07
I think you better get some advice from the Labour Department if you are so afraid.
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Ah Beng
22/01/2010 21:31:28
If i were you, i will go and throw big rock and break his car LC why so afraid..
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23/01/2010 10:26:50
Thank you Beng...

thank you Siew for the advice
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