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29/06/2010 19:48:56
Re: desperate need advice, feel like being cheated

I gave the resignation letter on 5 April, so with the one month notice , suppose my last day will be on 5 may, after deduct my 4 days annual leave so my last days will be on 29 April, Due to some personal reason, i called and ask the HR personnel about the procedure if i wan to early leave for 3 day(so last day on 26 april), and they told me they will be only deduct the 3 days from my salary and they still will paid the 4 days which is cover by the annual leave.
Then after got the salary i notice they deduct so much(around rm 500+) from my salary, then i called and ask, they told me is a calculate mistake so will bank in the money by mid of June. So, i wait and wait, today i called and ask they said actually they did not calculate wrongly, the reason is i must give one month notice after i resign as states in agreement which is 'confirmed staff require is 1 month notice or salary in lieu there-of on either side'. and also they said the short notice is cover by the annual leave. So they will not paid me the 4 days that is suppose cover by annual leave. Now only i know about this ugly true. Is there anything i can do??
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KL Siew
29/06/2010 22:07:48
You did not give details. I can only guess. For example, lets say your salary is 2000, since there was a 3 days short notice, the deduction will be (2000/30) x 27= your salary. and from your 27 salary - (2000/30) x 3 indemnity for 3 days short notice. The deduction can come to quite a lot. You can consult the Labour Department with more details.
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