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28/06/2010 17:22:25
Re: resigned but extended

Hi Siew, i've tendered my resignation on 31 May and mgmt already accepted. So my last day suppose to be on 29 June. (30days notice).
But few days ago, my boss ask me to extend until 9Jul in order to teach new staff replacing my place.
1) How many days of leave i'm entitled until 9Jul? I've been working for 5yrs. Is it 6 days or 7days? HR said my annual leave is 14days/yr.
2) How to calculate my salary (i'm working for 5 1/2 days per week) i know that for June will be in full wage. But for July? As per HR, Basic/30days X 7.5day. Is it correct?

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KL Siew
28/06/2010 17:44:38
1. Leave 14/12 x 6 months
2. Salary/31 x 9
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29/06/2010 09:41:25
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