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28/06/2010 14:38:01

I'm a new HR Mgr replacing retired HR Mgr. I was called to attend a discussion at IR office concerning the report given by employee on demotion towards him. I fully understand that the company is at the wrong side cause had demoted him without any warning letter or domestic inquiry. However, at the same time, everybody knows that the employees has very bad performance and had jeorpadized production forecast because with his supervisory he failed to achieve targets for several months. What do I have to protect the company ? I cannot simply agreed that we have made a mistake due to previous HR Mgr did not perform his duty to inform the Management not to simply demote him without proper actions.
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KL Siew
28/06/2010 14:44:53
Demoting without warning or DI will surely reflect badly on the one handling the case. Take the advice of the IR officer because the company may not stand a chance if the case were to go to the Industrial Court.
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