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28/06/2010 09:13:40
Re: emergency leave

Dear sir,

We have a senior mgr still under probation (6 mths) but taking 1 day emergency leave every month. Reason : wife or son sick......

What can the company do to him ? He brought us the medical bills.

Thanks for your advice
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KL Siew
28/06/2010 09:19:01
Let your MD know about it and see what he has to say.
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28/06/2010 13:12:12
what action can we take against him ? Can we treat as unpaid leave ? We need to advise our MD

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KL Siew
28/06/2010 14:31:23
Since he is employed as a senior manager, he is surely entitled to annual leave, sick leave etc etc. Treat the emergency leave as his annual leave. Pay his medical bills if he and his family are entitled to medical benefits also. Study the terms and conditions of his appointment and go accordingly.
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