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25/06/2010 17:36:06
Re: working time


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KL Siew
25/06/2010 20:08:27
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Yvonne Sim Sim
25/06/2010 20:29:13
You may refer to Employment Act 1955 under Section 60A.

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25/06/2010 21:39:35
谢谢,Mr.Siew & Yvonne Sim Sim
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09/07/2010 12:53:01
If I working hour is from 8.30am to 7pm for 5 days work, which has been more than 8 hours per day, is that any offence under Malaysian Labor Law
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10/07/2010 11:54:14
As long as the working hours do not exceed 48 hours in a week; in Jessie's case, her working hours is 9.5 hours (with 1 hour lunch) x 5 days = 47.5 hours per week. Am I right Mr. Siew?
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KK Cheong
13/08/2010 18:35:54
My working hour is from 0900 to 1700 hr (Mon-Fri) 0900 to 1300 (Sat). Management issued a notice informing that effective from 1st September 2010 working hour shall change to 0900-1730 hr (Mon-Fri) & Saturday maintain the same.
My questions are (1) Does lunch hour inclusive in the normal 8 working hour? (2) Extending working hour by additonal 0.5 hour per day on weekday (Mon-Fri) is that any offence under M'sian Labour Law? (3) Under current M'sian Labour Law are we supposed to work <48 hours or 44 hrs?
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