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21/01/2010 23:10:01
Re: Appointment letter state: No EPF before confirm

My appointment letter had state:

"EPF contribution ONLY will be contributed AFTER Officially Confirmation by Company and according to the stipulated government regulation."

I had signatured the letter when the company director said this statement is follow goverment rule.

After 3 months working without paid EPF, I found this against AKTA KWSP.
I went to KWSP office to complaint, but they said can not help as I had signatured the above letter.

Is the above statement in my appointment letter consider LEGAL where I had signatured the letter? (or the KWSP officer wrong?)

What the next action could I take?
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KL Siew
22/01/2010 10:01:39
I really don't believe EPF office said that. Cross check with another officer.
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25/01/2010 22:22:01
Thanks to Siew.
I just lodge a report.
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13/03/2011 10:58:43

Dont take the words of the EPF as final .

Speak to the Management level as high as the DG.

A person signs the letter maybe out of ignorance ( thinking that EPF only for confirmed staff ) but that does not take his/her rights to EPF contributioin by an emaployer.

Go make a formal complaint as EPF is more than happy to get as much money contributed into their account and in doing so you get your account fatten by those lost EPF monies not paid by ur employer. GO FOR IT. ( DONT talkk to those ppl at the counters.)

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