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Jess Ong
24/06/2010 20:25:04
Re: Sick Leave

Hi Mr Siew,

Under the EA mentioned that an employee must notify his/her employer within 48 hours of the commencement thereof, otherwise the employer has the right not to accept the sick leave.

My question is can an employer issue a meme to instruct all employees must notify the management (HR / Immediate Superior/ department head) immediately (eg. to notify the employer before 9:00am on the day the sick leave commence) when an employee is on sick leave?

Thank you in advance for your kind advise!

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Yvonne Sim Sim
24/06/2010 22:16:10
Employment act come first before company's rule and regulation
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25/06/2010 09:45:50
There is no 48 hour advanced notice in the EA on sick leave. How can you predict when you will fall sick?
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