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24/06/2010 17:08:59
Re: Probation & salary calculation

I would like to seek your comments on the following :

- I joined the company on 12 October 2010 and have not been confirmed after 7 months+ (probation period on my appointment letter is 6 months).
- I tendered my resignation on 03 June 2010 giving 24 hours notice and stop work from 04 June 2010.

May i know :-
- Does the company has the right not to confirm me after the 6 months probation period?
- Will i entitle and get my leave pay since i have been working for about 8 months then resigned
- If yes, what will be the calculation?

Awaits for your prompt reply
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24/06/2010 17:22:36
The joining date was 12 October 2009
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25/06/2010 12:49:09
Hi. Can you please revert to me on my doubts above? Thank you
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