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24/06/2010 12:07:58
Re: Early release of resignation.

I've tendered my resignation by giving 1 month notice to the company. HR then send me Acceptance of resignation and stating my last working day should be on 15th of July 2010. Today, I received a letter of early release from HR saying that my last day will be on the 30th June 2010. Also mentioned that the 15th day will be paid in lieu of notice. Can they do that? I do not know what is the reason for the early release. Please advise.
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KL Siew
24/06/2010 15:41:01
What the HR doing is correct, Have a good rest since the 15 days are paid for.
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13/07/2010 14:24:27
I tendered my resignation on 21 June with 1 month notice given. HR has given me a resgination acceptance and last day at work was 24 June 2010. However, HR still paid the last drawn salary until 21 July 2010. Can i start work any time since the release letter is 24 June 2010? Please advise.
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01/12/2011 10:55:16
I've had an DI on the 18th Nov. but up till now i did not get any answer from my Mgt. My question is can i tender my 1 month notice of resignation during this suspension period?..i would like to do that since i am no longer interested working with this company.

Thanks in adv.
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