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22/06/2010 23:06:35
Re: company not paying commission


I work with this company 7 month already as sales exe , first join they promise me commission pay monthly. but until now i havent received any .

when i sign the appointment letter it stated there clearly that i entitle for commission .

so , what should i do now ? the reason they gave me are busy , busy and busy .

2nd , my probation are 3 months but until now no confirmation letter for me . can i resign within 24 hrs ?

but in the appointment letter it stated that resignation have to give 2 months notice .

if i quit without giving 2 months will they take action against me ? it is standard in the labour law that before confirmation no need give notice ?

Thank in advance.
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KL Siew
23/06/2010 11:05:15
Since they have failed to fulfill their part of the deal, they cannot blame you for resigning with a 24 hours notice. Consult the Labour Office see what they think about this.
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