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21/06/2010 16:15:42
Re: Stayback Allowance

Hi Siew,

My company pay a stayback allowance of RM10 per hrs for those who stayback and work over time instead of paying them OT which is 1.5* time of the basic. Is this legal for those who are cover under employment act where they only receive RM10 per hrs?

2) I just wanna to know is the company in wrong doing if they only provide stayback allowance instead of TO (which is at the rate of 1.5 time) for rest day & public holiday?
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KL Siew
21/06/2010 18:04:02
If you are covered by the Employment Act meaning your salary is not more than RM1500, your employer should pay overtime rates according to the EA. Stayback allowance of RM10 per hour may not be enough.
If you are not covered by the EA, you may have to negotiate for more if you think that allowance is not enough.
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