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20/06/2010 01:48:52
Re: Suspension

Dear sir/madam,

I am particularly tensioned about suspension from work and I would like some advice on this matter. I briefly described the event that led to this:

- About 1.5 months ago, spamming emails containing abusive slander attack against a few employee started to be send to whole company. I was one of the few targets. The person sending it was an outsider who used to have relationship with one of my colleagues. Why I was targeted is still a mystery to me.

- Then the company got involved, try to countermeasure from the IT department, the email turned from abusive to life threatening in nature. The company took countermeasure by involving too deep on reason "to protect" us. Trips to police station, meeting and questioning affected employee. These actions taken were very stressful for the me and the affected employees. Eventually, company decided to force the affected employees on paid leave for a week, hoping things will calm down.

- I returned a week later to work, straight away was sent overseas for business trip for a week. Things felt like it was getting back to normal. In the mean time, still abusive emails was send out and creepy phone calls and sms was send to me by this person.

- A week after I returned from business trip, I was called up and handed a show cause letter. The letter stated I was committing this acts, evidence found that the computer i brought during business trip was used for this purpose. I was suspended until further notice with full pay and denied entry into company.

- I replied the letter within time given, declaring I did not do this, as I could explain that during the time frame of allegations, I was not using this computer. To me, they were solid reasons. At the same time, I wrote another letter to request investigation on reason that I was framed, my security access was misused by somebody for this act. I had proof on suspicision due to a few incidents:

-> the computer given to me had poor security condition and can be controlled remotely to do all this
-> when i came back from business trip, my ongoing work on a shared location was somehow tampered, destroyed partially, I informed this to my manager.
-> before the business trip, i received sms threatening me if i want to lose my job.

This company is a large MNC, I loved working here until this suspension was handed to me. I am hoping that they will have a fair investigation and clear me of this. Still I am worried, that something suspicious is going on. So, I wanted to consult if in case the company decided to pull some hanky panky, what should I do? What are my rights? If this became a legal issue, do I have a strong case?
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KL Siew
20/06/2010 09:33:59
Let them hold a domestic inquiry into the case and in the DI you will have the opportunity to defend yourself. Should they make any decision that you think to be unfair to you, you can seek redress at the Industrial Relations Department.
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