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19/06/2010 07:56:27
Re: 辞职/年假

我今天18-6-10辞职,我给一个月通知,最后一天应该是在17-07-10, 从年头到现在一共拿了4天年假,所以我的年假是应该剩6天对吗?那么我能不能跟老板要求兑换成钱?
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KL Siew
19/06/2010 09:55:54
你 可 以 跟 老 板 商 議 年 假 換 錢 問 題 。 如 果 老 板 不 肯 , 你 可 以 請 假 早 幾 天 離 開 。
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21/06/2010 09:11:47
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KL Siew
21/06/2010 09:36:07
Let me have more information:
1. What is your occupation?
2. What is your salary?
3. How many days annual leave you are entitled to?
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18/10/2010 11:49:52
i joined this company since 2/8/10. since their company salaries cut off day is on every 26th. on that month i get my salaries using below formula:

basic / 31 days X 26

but, come to September, i take total 2 days of unpaid leave, 1 day is company shut down during hari raya, compulsory leave, but since i new joint i had no annual leave. but, this month they count my salaries using this format :

basic - {basic / 26 days X 2 }

i feel very unfair!!! pls advise me what to do and how to do.

and, i had 12 days annual leave, but still under probation period, am i entitle the such annual leave? how to calculate.
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