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18/06/2010 22:56:39
Re: Salary Reduction For Director cum Employee

I am one of the shareholder of my company with 25% of shares among 4 persons.

Recently, the board required an increase of capital and I decided not to increase hence resulting in reduction of my share in the company with my partners.

Now, my partners decided (with their shares) that my salary will be reduced. Everyone in the company remains the same salary but mine will be reduced. Is there any way that I can appeal on this situation. My share does not affect my performance of work nor my commitment in work.

As far as I concern, I will only suffer in terms of divident reduction (based on share), perhaps less director fees. But, in this case, the company decided to reduce my salary where all the other staffs remained the same.

I am not a contract worker as I am a shareholder myself. We are a Sdn Bhd company.

Please advise me somebody.

Thank you
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KL Siew
19/06/2010 09:45:36
Since it is a Sdn Bhd, more appropriate for your to consult your company secretary or accountant. The Labour Department will not be able to help.
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