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20/01/2010 13:18:58
Re: stupid employer

I would like to seek for advice in regards to log in a complaints on my current employer.

During my interview stage, i apply for a branch manager position and provided probation 3 months.
The employer ask / force me to do the work scope which is outside the roles and responsibilities as a branch manager such as technician works to do repairs. The employer tried to threatened me by extending my probation period.

Under this circumstance, what will be your advice?
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KL Siew
20/01/2010 18:49:05
If I were the manager in charge of a branch, I would see myself as being responsible for the proper running of the place. When there is no one competent enough to do the job and I know I can do it, I really don't mind get my hands dirty. It is quite unexpected to say "That is not my job".
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Very Easy
22/01/2010 21:35:30
Just quite the job is you are not happy...happy go lucky
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23/01/2010 11:58:00
i work as audit senior, and my new promoted supervisor (young lady) request me delivery a few boxes of files (and the file is advertisement for our audit firm ie: catalogs)

i refuse to do it so, because is not under my scope also i give a strong reason that i have few mth end deadline jobs in hand need to rush out within this week.

At the end, the relationship with me & her is freeze, because i didnt obey her instruction.

my advice..
1) silent & follow instruction or,
2) end up like me, make my life miserable by her.
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Fat Boy
04/03/2010 15:24:14
Look if u are a branch manager of a company that has technicians why the reluctance to do a technician job after all aren't you suppose to already know the technical job before that. To me i don't see why u can't handle the technical side unless u have no experience in that line then u are not fit to sit in that position don't u think. there are times where u need to get ur hands dirty like me i worked my way from the bottom and now i'm a manager of controlling several branches in just 10 years of working and i'm now only 30 years old go might want to think about that
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13/03/2011 10:43:24
Look this way ( and it is not a legal advise )

' A manager will have to lick the tap ' when everyone or everything else fails...'
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